Velotton Big Trip

Travel & Workshop

The Idea

We decided to embody our old idea - combine travel and the ability to make our backpacks. This means that we’ll visit different cities and countries with our mobile workshop where we'll make backpacks and bags. So you'll have the chance to get your backpack from an alpine village or a small russian city.

Route, April - June


High Tatras | Poland, Slovakia

Zakopane | Poland

Krakow - Zakopane | Poland

Assemble Sewing Machine for 20 min | Kracow, Poland

Trips by car with bicycles

Route des Grandes Alpes | France

Lac de Serre-Ponçon | France

Cycling Nice - Monaco

Col du Noyer | France

Évian-les-Bains | France

Domancy - Évian-les-Bains | France

Domancy | France

Milan - Lake Geneva

Milan | Italy

Ljubljana - Milan

Ljubljana | Slovenia

Marianske Lazne - Ljubljana

Hrad Loket | Czech Republic

Carlsbad | Czech Republic

Marianske Lazne | Czech Republic

Cycling on Elba | Dresden

Dresden, Neustadt | Germany

Dresden | Germany

Road | Russia - Germany

Vladimir | Russia

Saint-Petersburg - Kovrov | Russia